ATJ30-1H - Fast with high lifting capacity and high safety



  • Large lifting height
  • Fast extension
  • Safe thanks to stable base plate and frame
  • Easy to operate (via joystick)
  • Easy to rag
  • Easy to transport


  • Maximum height: 563 mm
  • Air powered piston
  • Includes 2 extensions for higher lifting - Stored on handle for transport
  • Piston and pump
  • Anti dust seals
  • Ideal for easily accessing lifting points on low chassis trucks and buses
  • Convenient joystick controls
  • Cylinder mounted carrying handle
  • 1.6 m / long handle bar (1 piece handle) allows easy access to controls when fully positioned under vehicle
  • Handle bar locks in 3 positions: 45°, 90° & 180°
  • Large & soft rubber wheels
Part number8951000350 
UPC Code4028203832705 
Length840 mm33"
Length33"840 mm
Net weight87 kg192 lb
Net weight192 lb87 kg
Height360 mm14"
Height14"360 mm
Width215 mm8.5"
Width8.5"215 mm
Dimension A360 mm14"
Dimension A14"360 mm
Dimension B215 mm8.5"
Dimension B8.5"215 mm
Dimension C282 mm11"
Dimension C11"282 mm
Dimension D115 mm4.5"
Dimension D4.5"115 mm
Dimension E725 mm28.5"
Dimension E28.5"725 mm
Dimension F627 mm24.5"
Dimension F24.5"627 mm
Dimension G1550 mm61"
Dimension G61"1550 mm
Capacity30 ton(s)33.6 short ton(s)
Capacity33.6 short ton(s)30 ton(s)
Dimension D+E840 mm33.1"
Dimension D+E33.1"840 mm
Dimension P85 mm3.3"
Dimension P3.3"85 mm