RC600 - Huge starting power



  • Can start any vehicle with 12V battery (1 600A)
  • Automatic charge on running engine
  • High durability with batteryless technology
  • Protection of polarity inversion and short-circuit


  • 500 Farad ultracapacitor
  • Buzzer to prevent polarity inversion and fuse to protect booster and car
  • 30 seconds on running engine
  • 6 hour with DC adaptor included
  • Large copper clamps and 50 mm² / 0.48 in² cables
  • Lightweight and comfortable large handle
  • Battery less with 1 Million cycles life time : 5 years warranty
  • Easy reading capacitor charge information with LED light
  • Cable reel plus clamp holder for better storage - 63 in. / 110 cm length cable for better access
  • All type of engines powered by 12V
Part number8951000362 
Length440 mm17.3"
Length17.3"440 mm
Net weight18.4 kg40.6 lb
Net weight40.6 lb18.4 kg
Height540 mm21.3"
Height21.3"540 mm
Width320 mm12.6"
Width12.6"320 mm
Capacity1360 (12V) - 340 (24V) 
Short circuit current16000 (12V) - 8000 (24V) 
Starting current4000 (12V) - 2000 (24V) 
Protection fuseyes 
Polarity inversion alarmyes 
Test unityes 
Charge on sectoryes 
Charge on car plugno 
Charge on engineyes 
Cable length1.9 m6.1 ft
Cable length6.1 ft1.9 m
Cable section50 mm²2 in²
Cable section2 in²50 mm²